Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Weigh In

I am SO glad Monday is over with. I felt like all of the time I was trying to be productive I met dead ends. I weighed in before heading to work. I'm at 158.8 lbs which is down .6 lbs from the last weigh in. 

I had intentions of running outside today, but the thermometer didn't agree with my plan. It was 12 degrees outside, but felt like 0!!!!

I had a salad for lunch 5pts and 240 calories.

I was hungry again before my afternoon students and grabbed a medium fry and a diet coke while running errands for work. They were 380 calories and 6pts.

After work, Matt and I went out to dinner and saw Black Swan. We had good intentions of hitting the gym, but it was closed! Just one of my many foiled plans today.

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