Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Beginnings

I've been needing to hit the reset button on my healthy living and blogging. While I've been feeling like a complete overhaul of goals has been in order, I'm settling on the exercise bit first because honestly, I don't have time to commit to re-fooding my life. Maybe that will come soon. I'm still going to post my food, but its going to be less detailed so I can spend some time really focusing on my new for a 10k!

Jamie, my older sister, and I, and maybe my younger sister, Shelby, (if we can con her into it) are training for the Charleston Bridge Run on April 2nd. Its 6.2 miles and a little over 2 months away. I'm going to follow the following running program if anyone wants to join, I'd love it to have some readers do this along with my sister and I. Should be fun and give me the push I need to get back into exercise. I have been shying away from running since I've been back in town because it is bitterly cold here and I HATE the dreadmill treadmill. This plan is adapted from an about running site. It comes from the advanced beginner plan, but if you're intimidated by the distances, check out the beginner plan.

I'm not going to focus on time as much as I am the distances and maybe once I hit the 6.2 miles I need, I'll work on my pace. So the plan starts on Monday of next week, but hopefully I'll get out for a run this Saturday and see what I can do. You'll be able to view my plan and my progress on the Exercise page of my blog.

Today was a very busy day as usual. I packed my lunch last night and tried to include as many food groups as possible. I am trying to get the right variety of food into my diet. Eating takes so much work sometimes!
Cliff Bar for Breakfast 2pts 130 calories

Caesar Salad for lunch 5pts 200 calories

Apples with Yogurt, more from lunch 2pts 90 calories

Baguette 3pts 150 calories with laughing cow cheese 1pt 50 calories

1 cup risotto for dinner 5pts 250 calories

2 slices of Matt's pizza for 2nd dinner 10 pts 350 calories

About the size of my hand, thin crust.
I realize I haven't been the greatest with keeping up posting, but I'm going to make an effort to do better. My goal is to write 1 page of my thesis minimum everyday (mainly to make sure I have forward progress on 12 hour work days), and to post on my blog minimum 5 days per week (which gives me two freebies). There's just not enough time in the day for everything! I'll hopefully be getting fitted for and purchasing some new running shoes this weekend and get to transition into them over next week. I'm excited!

Points: 28/22
Calories: 1,220
Weekly Allowance Points: ? used / ? weekly left
Exercise: 10 hours of fast paced work count for anything? Thinking about running? 
Water: 50 oz. getting better slowly!
Weekly Weight Loss: ? lbs / 39 lbs total


  1. ok girl, here we go! I think Chris and I are going to go get some minimalist shoes this week, I'm pretty sure the gym wont like my barefeet on their "dreadmill." eeeee, so nervous and so excited.

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