Saturday, January 22, 2011


Happy Weekend everyone!! I am SO GLAD It's the weekend! Yesterday was really busy at work, but I am proud of the foods I chose despite the chaos. Breakfast was a cliff bar (go figure) 2pts 130 calories.

Lunch was pretty balanced. 0pts for my 8 oz. diet coke, 5pts for the Santa Fe Style Chicken Salad (my favorite for 240 calories), and 2pts (110 calories) for pretzels. I had the tangerine as a snack later for 1pt and 40 calories.

Look, I did a good job tracking yesterday too! I was pretty proud of myself for keeping notes.  
The bottom scale is my hunger level throughout the day.

 Matt and basically all of my friends in C-Ville took Friday off to go skiing, so I was on my own after work. I made a Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burger for dinner. I may never make a real burger again. It was delicious. 2pts and 120 calories for the patty, 1pt and 80 calories for the light wheat bun, and 1pt and 50 calories for the 2/3 piece of provolone. I had a side of baked organic fries (Pictured is 2 servings according to the bag) for 4pts and 220 calories. So this meal at a restraunt would be my whole daily pts value, a ton of calories, and probably make my tummy sad later, but at home, it was only 350 calories and 8 points! Amazing what you can do with a little preparation!

I shopped a little, worked on my thesis, and read for the rest of the night. I snacked on a whole grain baguette around 10 when I got hungry for 3pts and 150 calories.

Points: 21/22
Calories: 1,120
Weekly Allowance Points: ? used / ? weekly left
Exercise: none
Water: 50 oz. 
Weekly Weight Loss: ? lbs / 39 lbs total


  1. Burger and fries that won't cost you your entire day of points? Seriously how amazing! Looks like you've been having some great eats!


  2. So I may have missed your post on this, but what do you think of the new weight watchers points plus?


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