Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Year Later...

A week and a half ago, on New Year's, most bloggers posted some year-in-review posts of how far they've come and what they've done over the past year. Well, I decided to save mine because TODAY is the one year anniversary of when I started actively working on a healthier lifestyle. (Make sure to check out my 1 year giveaway below!)

One year ago today, I decided I wanted to be thinner, happier, and feel stronger. I made a commitment to myself to make my life and body a priority. I made a new year's resolution on the 9th of January to lose 50 lbs. I didn't quite make it within the year mark, but I got pretty dang close. Looking back, I couldn't be more proud of myself for sticking to it.

A year ago, I was missing myself. My personality was the same, but I was missing my pride. You might say my light was diminished. I was sad about how I looked and even a little self conscious toward my husband. I was buried under work that I didn't want to be doing and felt lost in my priorities...but I made a decision.

It was simple and it started with my weight, but it has turned into so much more. Through starting my blog, Running Out of Me, I began to gain so many things. It instilled determination and a sense of capability in me. As I started to succeed at losing weight, I gained confidence. As I showed people my struggle, I gained transparency. As I encouraged others, I gained friendship. When I doubted myself and kept going, I gained perseverance. As I lost weight, I regained the knowledge that we are beautiful creatures. There have been several times in my life that I look back on and think, "What richness God gave me at that time" and this year is certainly one of them. I have been blessed to have the ability to write this and to have so many people who check in on me, so THANK YOU ALL for sticking with me, reading Running Out of Me as I regained myself.

Remember, it all starts with a decision...

Main things that have changed:

  • I am taking a break from school- this was a big decision for me, but was definitely the right one. I am still working on my thesis, but I took all pressure off and decided to do it at my own pace and not make myself feel guilty for not finishing it by a date. Maybe this semester, guys. Its getting close!
  • I weigh 40 lbs less than last year!
  • I don't want to eat until I'm full...even if its french fries! I used to eat food because I wanted a certain taste or because it was "time to eat." You don't have to eat because its noon. You don't have to eat because its your lunch break. You have to eat when your body asks you to and it can be a big difference from when your work lets you off, or when your hubby wants dinner, or when you're driving by Wendy's. My best advice is to listen to your body.
  • I like running. I don't just tolerate it, or push through it, I like it now. A lot. 
  • Grocery shopping is an adventure, not a chore.
  • Sometimes food network trumps going out.
  • I read food and nutrition blogs like an addict.
  • I can run FOUR MILES. Probably more, but comfortably FOUR MILES a day. FOUR MILES. ok I'm done...FOUR MILES.
  • Size D to a C...enough said. 
  • I live for reader comments
  • I am thinking about nutrition school as a hobby (maybe a career path?)...only I would be finishing a master's degree in engineering, breaking from school, and talk about a career change requiring more school.
  • I know I am beautiful.

Some things that have stayed the same:

  • I am beautiful.
  • I still drink alcohol. A lot. I love going out.
  • I still eat french fries (even if my favorites are now baked organic ones)!
  • I love cooking, just better foods now.
  • I still eat fast food.
  • I still have stretch marks. Maybe once I get to my goal weight I'll do a section on homeopathic remedies and document how they affect me...such as olive oil on stretch marks, anyone? Maybe I'll keep them and say they add to my personality?
  • I can procrastinate like nobody's business about going to the gym.
  • I suck at push-ups...despite the hundred push up plan, my man push-ups could fit in well in "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid"
In honor of all of the things I have gained this year, and as a thank you to all of you for reading, I'm going to do MY FIRST GIVEAWAY OF MY BLOG!! I tried to think about what things been the most helpful to me this year.

The first part: I am going to giveaway one of the same food scales I got for my bday this year. I use it all the time. The best part is- its pink, just like mine- which will make you happy despite when you see how little food an oz. of cereal actually is. 
This is my scale, but the one I ordered is the same, just new. I love it!
The other part of the giveaway is a food journal. People who write their food down lose about two times more weight than those who don't. Journaling my eats has been one of the best ways to keep me accountable and focused on my goals. I ordered this adorable food journal online. I use a steno pad, but this was too cute to pass up for one of you lucky bloggies. It has a Julia Childs quote in it too. Umm, can I say insta-love?
What I ate, food journal
Most pages are like the one on the left, but I had to show the Julia Childs quote on the right! "You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just good food from fresh ingredients."
(If you don't have a blog, you can still enter, just be sure to leave your email address!)
1. Leave a comment on this post with one thing you have done this year you are proud of. (1 entry)
2. Add Running Out of Me to your blogroll. (3 extra entries)
3. Tweet or Share this giveaway on facebook or twitter. (2 entries)
4. Post about this giveaway on your blog. (2 entries)
Leave a comment letting me know what all you do so I make sure to get all the entries! I'll have a random number generator choose a winner on the 17th (next Monday)!

Thank you all again so much for following my blog. I'm looking forward to another year of bettering myself and learning to live and love life more!

Some other tid bits from last year:

My Favorite Posts: A few that I remember well. They cover a lot of the ups and downs of the diet year.
Favorite Recipes:

A few goals for 2011:

  • Achieve goal weight.
  • Run a 10 miler.
  • Run more, period.
  • Incorporate weight training.
  • Be thankful.


  1. Entry Method 1: Proud of Wifey! (and I'll pass on the scale, I'm told I indirectly own one that I can use any time)

  2. What an awesome pst. i was just telling a gf how good the articles u wrote were (she's thinking of starting the process of food change) and ur favs r right here + an awesome give away! You r an inspiration! 4 MILES!

  3. Heyy girly. First of all I just want to say congratulations on the weight loss. What an achievement. You must feel beyond amazing. Congratulations on being about to run four miles. What an achievement that is. I definitely cannot do that and I am not a fan of running. I think it's the whole boob thing.... oh and I get how completely EXCITING it is to go from a D to a C. I think when it happened to me I bought five cute bras from Walmart, because I could FINALLY fit into them. Loved it! I have bad stretch marks, including bad on my arms. They make me insecure however I think it's always a reminder of how far I have come and a place that I do not return to. I am so glad that we are blog friends... you are such an inspiration and I can't wait to follow your journey this year.

    For the giveaway... umm a pink food scale! Count me in!!! I had a white one and the boy accidentally made it fall off the shelf and it broke last week....so annoying. That food journal is also adorable. I just write in a notebook but think a food journal would be more inspiration. One thing i am proud of is the fact that I was able to start seeing some definition in my arms and bought a bathing suit!


  4. I am so proud of everything you have done this past year Casey! You are such an inspiration to the rest of us couch potatoes. Andrew and I are actually going to work out this afternoon.
    In comparison to everything you have accomplished this year I feel so tiny. You are one of the most amazing people I know and I am so proud to call you my sister!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 1 thing I'm proud of this year: Persisted in efforts to make friends in a new city where seemingly every resident has been born and raised, even though it is intimidating and tiring. :)

  7. In 2010, I got two fellowships that I worked my booty off (and suffered many rejections) to get!!!!

    We should go run when I bring down my mile time a little! You're way ahead of me.

  8. I get 2 entries for posting on fb :)

    Thanks love

  9. I'm so impressed that you post your weight! Very empowering I'm sure. I lost 35 pounds over the course of the last year and a half. I can't believe how it has changed how my body works (for the better!).

  10. Something I'm proud of this year...surviving! Oh, and adopting a puppy!
    I am posting your blog on www.jesteinandjonathan.com :D

  11. 1. I am proud of myself for getting a job in retail and surviving- scary.
    3. I love giveaways. Consider the giveaway facebooked.
    5. I found your blog through a mutual friend and think I spotted a friend from elementary school in one of your posts a while back.

  12. CONGRATS!! So proud of you! You are so devoted and persistent and that is really inspiring.

    I'm proud of myself for leaving the grad school school I hated even though it meant facing unemployment (And then for getting a job! yay!)

  13. Congrats very much Casey!!!

    I am proud of myself for choosing my home city over New York and finding a job that I enjoy here, even though it meant getting away from my major.

  14. Hey Casey, you've done well and you look amazing...
    btw Jestein sent me ;)
    And always go for the thing you love over the thing you're supposed to love - much love from Iceland x

  15. Very proud of you. I read your blog regularly and you have inspired me to start entering 5 K's again. I have to start somewhere and even though I am very slow I will finish the race.

  16. Hey Casey, I'm a friend of a friend and a first time reader. LOVE this post. I am trying to lose my baby weight but this is hard when you are allergic to running and addicted to cheese fries. Thank you for being an encouragement! Looking forward to going back and reading more.

    Something I am proud of: Being a new mom when I had NO idea what I was doing. And loving it.

  17. i think the most thing i'm proud of is...making a baby! ;) lol awesome giveaway, i've always wanted a digital scale!


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