Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Weight Loss Advice Bar None

So Ben from Ben Does Life was featured in The Healthy Tipping Point yesterday, and it is well worth the read. He lost 140 lbs in only 11 months. He has an amazing story. The main take away from the interview from me was his advice on how to start your health journey. I couldn't put it better myself. I also love the video, which you can find below.
"As far as someone is struggling, here’s the thing, just find a spark. Fall in love. Start a blog. Do something drastic. But do something. Don’t go in half-heartedly and tell yourself you’re going to try to be healthy. And the big thing, I’ve found, is TELL SOMEONE. Tell everyone if you have to. The natural thing might be to be too embarrassed to tell people, like they’ll know you’re overweight or something, but that’s the thing… they already know you’re overweight, and they will be thrilled when you tell them you’re changing your life. I promise. Oh, and take lots of pictures. You may hate them now, but they’ll be awesome in a few months."


  1. Love that, love your blog! Can't wait to poke around in your recipes :o)

  2. This was amazing to watch thanks for sharing!!! Made me want to cry a few times.


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