Thursday, September 16, 2010

Need a Break! Thr. W34

Good gracious, today was busy. I woke up rushed because I didn't hear the alarm and jumped into some clothes for work. I had the same drug cocktail I've been having for breakfast (robitussin and dayquil). Om Nom Nom.
I feel like this is going to last forever!

Matty packed me some grapes to snack on in the morning because he was worried I haven't been eating breakfast. :) Munch Munch 1pt.
Wonderful hubby. I definitely needed these.
Work today was crazy busy. Every time I would start to sit down and try to get ahead, something else would come up. It was awesome! Actually, it really is how I like work to be, but since I'm sick it was hard to keep up. 

I finally found time for a lunch break around 2 and had the last bit of the chicken veggie orzo 8pts. It kept me full through my extra hour of work at the end of the day. I worked late because tomorrow, I am going to be a movie star! Ok, so not really, BUT LearningRx is having a commercial shoot at our center tomorrow which I will more than likely be in. So I had to make the center spick and span for the cameras! 

I had to run by chick-fil-a for work when I got off so Matt and I decided to pick up food there. I got a 6-pc nugget kids meal for 12 points. (For the non weightwatchers out there its 480 calories). It is more than plenty food too.
I LOVE chick-fil-a!
I was pooped at the end of the day, but continued with my plan to do some laundry and cooking. I made low fat baked ziti for tomorrow! I'm so excited to try it and get Matt's opinion. Look for the recipe and review tomorrow!!
One serving is 6 pts without meat and 8 with meat. 1/8 of the dish is a serving! (Basically a ton)

Points: 21/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 35/35 remaining
Exercise: nadda- although i was sweating it out in the kitchen!
Weekly Activity Points: 1/1
Weekly Weight Loss: 0.0 lbs / -30.6 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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