Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oops. I Lied

I lied in my post last night- mainly because I made the mistake of posting my eats at 8 something instead of right before bed or the next day. After posting, I decided to have a chocolate night. I broke out the chocolate bath salt from the Fashion Meets Food giveaway (read here) and had a bath. It was a little disappointing- not going to lie. It didn't smell like chocolate :(. I am still holding out hope for the lotions and scrubs- haven't tried them yet.
Disappointing, but I enjoyed the bath.

Anyway, to round out the night, I had a Pillsbury Sweet Moments chocolate fudge brownie, which was also a part of my winnings from Fashion meets food. I am not really a sweets person- Carbs and salty/fried food is my vice, but it was actually pretty good. I looked up the points before eating it..this small brownie packs a killer 370 calories and 9 points into its chocolatey-ness. Wow. Obviously I made Matt split it with me. 1/2 was only 4 points. Good, but not worth the calories.
Doesn't actually look like that!

As you might notice from the first picture, there are 2 in the package. I won't be eating the second one for sure, so any of you Cville friends are welcome to come over and claim it!!

Wednesday points ended up totaling 20/23 instead of 16/23. Still under for the day!

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