Sunday, September 19, 2010

Corn Hole! Sun W34

Today, I am still sick, but only just barely. I think I'll be fully recovered tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I took advantage of my last weekend day to sleep in and get well so we missed church this morning unfortunately. Matt took the car in for inspection and an oil change while I was sleeping.

When I woke up I made an egg sandwich. 1/8 cup onions, 1/2 tomato, handful spinach, 1/8 cup feta cheese, and an english muffin for 4pts. It was decent, but not really worth the work.
Egg Mixture
1/2 went on the sandwich
After a while, I wanted to get out of the house so we went to Arch's for some fro-yo. I had the 3.5 oz Wow-cow peanut butter (12 calories per oz.) with a little bit of snickers topping for 3pts. Matt had Chocolate Vanilla Swirl with Twix topping. We enjoyed the weather on their balcony chatting. It was a great date.
My fro yo!
Matt enjoying the weather
Completely content
Anthropologie was tempting me from across the way
After our ice cream, we decided to start on a project we've been wanting to do for a while- build a corn hole set. We headed home to switch laundry, make a plan, and a supply list before heading to Lowe's. 
Loot from Lowe's
Matt- planning
Cutting :) I like a handy man
It started to get dark
Some of my handiwork
Current state
They still have a ways to go before they become the best ever Razorback Themed Cornhole Set, but I promise, they will get there. We took a break for dinner at some point. Matt had ziti and I had a pb&j on an english muffin 4pts with some chips and guacamole 4pts.
PB&J and 15 baked tortilla chips
Home made guacamole. I didn't eat all of it.
Points: 15/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 31/35 remaining
Exercise: nadda
Weekly Activity Points: 0/2
Weekly Weight Loss: 0.0 lbs / -30.6 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. Hope you're feeling 110% today!!

    The hubs & I want to make our own set too...we have a boughten one, but it just isn't as good!

    PS the fro-yo looks AMAZING!!!

  2. My parents bought a bags set for people to play at our wedding and they gave it to us later. It's super slick so it's so hard for me to play hahaha


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