Friday, September 24, 2010

Sister and Brother in Town! Thurs W35.

Hey bloggies! I've had a pretty awesome work day today. I woke up and walked to work with the hubs and bear! +2 activitiy points! I had a pretty good and busy day at work! I only had time to check my work email for 15 minutes all day!!!

Lunch was a Smart Ones already in the work freezer. I had Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans for 6pts.
It looks kind of yucky, but its alright for a microwave meal.
Look what I've been working on at work!

Yes, CHOCOLATE! Chocolate care packages for the charlottesville school teachers. Holy cow I have wanted some of this the past few days. I've still been good!!! No chocolate yet!

Guess what else I was tempted with today. Cupcakes! A student who works at a cupcake bakery brought a maple cinnamon cupcake to me and a few other trainers!

Buuuuut, nope- I didn't eat it either!! I gave it away. That took will power. It was super adorable though so I had to take a picture. I love the little maple leaf!

We had a staff meeting after my shift today so I worked a little late. Matt and I went out to eat for a treat for dinner. We went to Cobb's, and I got a 10" (small) pizza. It was spinach, tomato, and artichoke. My favorite!! I had 3 slices for 11pts, and a diet dr. pepper 0pts.
Favorite Pizza
After dinner, we went home and worked on the cornhole sets. Not going to lie- they look AMAZING!'re going to have to wait to see pictures until they're finished tomorrow! Just in time for GAME DAY on Saturday!! Salty and Harley came over and started their own corn hole set.

I of course watched the Grey's Anatomy season premier. Its my guilty pleasure. After the opening Jamie, Chris, and MISS HAMLET showed up!! I was a good girl, I didn't partake in the wine, although I really wanted to. This is my detox and running month and I'm sticking to it...even if it kills me. We chilled and chatted and watched the puppies play...mostly Hamlet run around like a crazy kid. I loved it.

Overall, I must say its been a great day! I'm catching up on some Biggest Loser action right now. I need to head to bed SOON!

Points: 17/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 28/35 remaining
Exercise: Walking to Work
Weekly Activity Points: 2/10
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.6 lbs / -32.2 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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  1. Well done on saying no to that muffin...I dont think I would have muffins. Thank goodness in Germany they not that popular but back home in South Africa they are and boy are they tasty, I can eat and eat of that stuff.

    Be careful of diet Soda ~ filled with Aspartame and since I landed up in hospital with Aspartame overload and was told by my neurologist to stop I warn others.
    I did the WW plan to lose all my weight and they promote diet soda as no points so okay to drink....I found Aspartame in my mayo last night...a horrible shock as I thought I was aspartame and sweetener free...
    Google and educate yourself on this sweet poison..

    We watching a 2009 Biggest Loser....I love Bob!!


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