Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/17 - Summer Lovin'

Can't say enough how different leaving work around 5-5:30 feels compared to 7. Even though its not a huge amount of time, it feels like forever when I have daylight to be outside before winding down for the evening. I missed out on breakfast Tuesday morning since I woke up late! I had spaghetti squash with zucchini marinara again for lunch for 3pts+.

Since I had lunch while working, I popped out to run an errand at the mall. I picked up a tall, light coffee frappuccino for 2pts+. I bought a bra from Victoria's Secret last month and one of the straps broke almost immediately. I took it back and returned it for a new one with a coupon, so I came away with a new bra, underwear, and a $10 refund. Win.

Megan and I leisurely swam for about an hour after work for +1 activity pt. I had ~1tsp of peanut butter as a snack for 2pt+.

Megan, a friend from work is house sitting for our boss while he is on vacation. We decided to enjoy his patio, some wine, good food and card games for the evening. I marinated portobelo mushrooms in red wine, vinegar, onion and garlic and grilled them along side a ton of asparagus and a spicy chipolte seasoned pork tenderloin.
Lots of food!
Lots of this!
I really enjoyed sitting outside, grilling, and enjoying the summer night. Sometimes changing scenery to another friend's patio feels like as much of a treat as going for dinner and drinks. :)
mushrooms and asparagus (sorry these are dark)

pork tenderloin - perfectly grilled thanks to the hubby!
 I had about 2pts+ of oil on the veggies and 3 oz of tenderloin for 4pts+. I had ~10 baked tater tots for 4pts+. I had four glasses of wine over the course of the night for 12pts+. Cheers!

Daily Total: 27/26
Activity Total: 2/3

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