Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to Meetings

I returned to WW meetings yesterday...again. How many times will I write this same post? I feel like I can just scroll back a few months and copy and paste the same thing. So same game, different name. Its now January March June July, and I'm working at it again.

Like I said, I went to a meeting yesterday which always gets me back into go mode. I weighed in at 159.6 lbs- a little up from my last weigh in from May. I don't feel bad about it considering I've been living it up on my vacations this summer! I followed WW since Sunday of last week. I'm going to keep going until I am down a minimum of 15 lbs. 

I've made a ton of new recipes this week to throw some variety in my routine and its helped keep me going. I'll post some over the next few days. Here's to practicing healthiness!

Hope to see less of each other tomorrow!

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