Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/30 - Back to the Grind

WARNING:  Picture heavy post. My trip to CO Springs was really nice. I got some good information to take home and some things I want to explore to expand our business. It was also really beautiful.
Garden of the Gods

I had a lot of delicious food too!
Delicious Sushi
Miso Soup and a Giant Beer
The WORST salad in the world from Fat Tire in Denver
Had half of an egg bagel for breakfast on the way home
Roasted Veggie Sandwich from Horse and Hound

I worked out 3 days while out of town which was huge for me!

So overall, I'm looking forward to continuing on plan this week and don't think the trip threw me off too much.

Yesterday, I had kombucha for breakfast for 2pts+.

For lunch, I had a mini salad with no dressing because I forgot it! 1pt+.

I was starving when I got home and had chips and guacamole with a lot of watermelon for 8pts+.

For dinner, we had bbq chicken and fries for 9pts+, with a beer for 5pts+.

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