Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Work Trip!

I haven't posted since before the weekend, mainly because I was busy gearing up for a work trip to CO which I am now on. I enjoyed this salad a lot last week: Cobb salad no tortia chips, no cheese, add avocado from Trinity.

And this...

Fish Tacos from Mono Loco
For this gal's birthday...
with some drinks

I took 1 day off and had this scrumptious southern meal ;)....
With some drinks

And because I'm in CO Springs for work this week. I ate well on my way here...
One of the worst salad's I've had in my life! Cobb salad from New Belgium Brewing Co in the Denver Airport. Avoid when possible except for beer.

...and am gearing up for a productive week.

Anyone in CO Springs have suggestions on some things to do in my spare time?

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