Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 20: Bummer Tuesday

Tuesday, I had to work all day- which honestly wasn't that bad. I always enjoy working. I had an english muffin 1pt and laughing cow cheese 1pt for breakfast on the way to work (surprise surprise).

I had a smart ones 4pts for lunch, but my boss's wife had made this amazing toffee concoction which is a dieter's dream nightmare. Probably 5pts- butter, sugar, pretzels, toffee, chocolate, hell heaven- obviously it was throwing me off my resolve.

After that, I went to my weight watchers meeting (to make up the memorial day one). I hate missing Monday meetings because I love my leader and don't really want to get to know other people...yes, I could try harder, but I already give all the people in my group the benefit of the doubt when they monopolize the meeting time and a lot of days...I'm not a very giving person. So, I don't talk much when I go to other times....I also don't get a lot out of it..probably not a coincidence, but I am set in my ways. Monday is my meeting and Kathy is my leader. The End. 

Having to go to a Tuesday meeting wasn't the worst of it- I was only down -.4 lbs. I was expecting more. I was frustrated. On top of that...I hit the over 25lbs lost and was there for my 16th week- both things WW recognizes and celebrates. I was pouting because I didn't want to celebrate with people I didn't know. So I pouted all the way home after the meeting and got over my 2 year old hissy fit and went to Raising Cane's for dinner- ok so maybe I wasn't entirely recovered, but by the time I left RC's, I was. I ate chicken and fries 15pts.

When I got home, the day was not, far from it. I spent the next FOUR HOURS arguing with insurance....again! uhg. The unending battle. I got so stressed trying to keep it under control that I broke out in hives. :( It was well after 10:30 when I got off the phone and went straight to bed because I was mentally incapacitated after that and my forehead looked like a toad from the hives. Blah. 

Points: 26/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 27 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/15 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -4 lbs / 26.4 lbs total
Hope to see less of each other next time!

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