Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week Twenty-Something: Day umm??

Ode to My Vices

Hello! Is anyone out there still following me??! It feels like I've been gone forever! Busy with the new job, busy with making new friends, busy with school, busy busy busy...and my health-train has been derailed.

For the past week or so, I have been over indulging in some of my vices...oh, and do I have quite a few vices. The worst of which- crappy television and booze. I shamelessly watch shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Hannah Montana, and Cougar Town. I just can't help myself. I love them all. And if wasting time in front of the TV instead of getting my butt in gear and doing my running isn't bad enough...I've been topping it off with a double shot of tequila and a beer to chase it down. Its just a simply fact- I love me some booze. I love floating down a river drinking beer, I love drinking sangria on a patio eating tapas for hours, I love holding my nose and shooting cheap tequila with old friends, I love drinking and playing a matter of fact, there are very few things that couldn't be helped with a glass of wine (or two).

Honestly, if your parents ever told you drinking wasn't worth it or that it isn't fun- they were wrong. Its awesome.

And then there's the flip side...on the conservative end (wine and light beer), its 100 calories per drink- multiply that by a couple per night and (ahem, a conservative) 5 nights per week, and you start to realize that some love affairs are simply not sustainable. Not to mention, the one night that you're not thinking and you accidentally have more than a few- you wake up seeing double, feeling like your head is going to explode, and your hair looking like it already did...not conducive to 7 am exercise to say the least.

Compound rolling home around midnight with sleepily waking up to crappy television shows (my programs, I say to matt) available on hulu 24/7, and Houston, we have a problem.

So that leaves me- back at practicing moderation and not acting like a hooligan 7 days a week. Shenanigans are now limited to 1 day a week and special occasions, and do you want to know why?

I have (to steal from South Park) an accountabilibuddy. Goal: 10 lbs before July 24.  Why July 24? I'm in my friend's wedding...and then my sister's wedding a week later. I'm going to go hard or go home, so game face is on. No, this doesn't mean I'm not drinking until the 24th, I am still in grad school, but it does mean I can't do trivia Tuesday, Kareoke Wed, Office Party and Flip Cup League Thursday, Fridays after 5 Friday, and Tubing down the James with my cooler on Saturday...yes, that is pretty much how last week went.

So, needless to say, I am back. My celebration date (for getting under 170) with Matt was great. We went to Mas Tapas and had a great time sitting on el patio. It was great weather and romantic. He's a charmer. I'll write later about my food today, and maybe have some steel resolve instead of wondering who's going to trivia tonight!



  1. You can do it Casey! I'm an advocate of the detox month (or two), I'm in the middle of my own annual detox month right now FYI. Just in case you feel like you're the only sober person in the room and need text support these first few weeks.


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