Monday, October 4, 2010

Doctor Time. Monday W37.

Today was a lazy day spent nursing the throbbing pain in the left side of my face. My whole ear is swollen, as well as my jaw. It hurts to eat and talk. Matt made me an appointment at the dr. this morning and I stayed in bed and slept through the day.

I woke up around 11 and snacked for lunch. I had my pumpkin toast 2pts, some chips 1pt, and a cup of gatorade 1pt.

About 2xs this amount

This was so necessary. Generally, I don't think you should drink your calories, but I found it so refreshing.
I slept some more before Matt took me to the doctor. I saw a new one today and I think I am going to like him a lot. I've been using student health for the past 2 years and don't usually get the same doctor. I got some different ear drops, pain killer, and instructions to double my dose of ibuprofen.

We had chick-fil-a while waiting on my scrip to be filled. I am all out of whack on my meal times from sleeping through the day! I had a 6pc kid's meal (490 calories) 12pts.

I don't think I'm going to make it to my WW meeting tonight (which I'm really sad about because I wanted to hear the topic, "Understanding your shape"), but I am just too sick. I'm going to report the doctor's weigh in of me at 165.2. That's down 1.2 lbs. I feel like its pretty good after the weekend. I'm ok with it.

(Had to add an update here because I woke up in time for a bit of dinner and put up this post too early! I thought I'd be asleep)

I had a grilled sweet corn on the cobb for dinner for 1pt. I still wasn't feeling awesome so that was all I wanted. I had a little more gatorade too 2pts.

After dinner, I even felt up to making some tomato bisque soup from Gina at Skinny Taste (thank you, vicodin)! I had a teenie taste. It is deeeeelicious! I found myself with a ton of extra tomatoes, and this was the perfect remedy. Matt and I miscommunicated over a grocery run! :) 

Aaaand- guess what came in the mail! BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! Matt and my Aunt Beth and Uncle Mark sent me some scales!! One for me and one for food. I am in love with this little pink food scale. It is adorable. I heart pink. I broke it in today measuring out my tomatoes.

Points: 19/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 35/35 remaining
Exercise: I slept almost all day!
Weekly Activity Points: 0/0
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs / -33.2 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. Glad to hear from you, but so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.

    Hope you get better SOON!!!


  2. So sorry you're not feeling well, praying you get to feeling better quickly! That pink scale is just awesome.

  3. Sorry your not feeling well!! That pumpkin toast looks amazing! I definitely need to try that out.


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