Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday W37

I'm feeling better finally! I was barely nauseous this morning so I set to work to get everything I should have done Friday and Saturday finished- namely some work on my thesis and cleaning the house. I have a friend coming in town on Thursday and won't have much time during the week to clean so the hubby and I cleaned almost all day!

We dusted, we vacuumed, we swept, we mopped, we washed baseboards and fan blades, we cleaned the yard, we sorted, organized, stuffed, steamed, folded, and shampooed. My apartment is sparkling, and I am exhausted.

For lunch, I whipped up 2.7 oz. of fiber pasta 4pts with a little less than 1/4 cup alfredo sauce 3pts, a sprinkle of parmesan 1pt, and a ton of broccoli 0pts. Mmm mmm good. I made Matt the same thing, but put grilled chicken in his. He gets cranky when there is not meat involved in a meal.

After some cleaning, I stuffed down the rest of the broccoli 0pts

Matt and I found some time to take a break and toss the football around and play with out dog. I am digging the fall weather. Matt got a call late in the day saying that he had a make-up softball game so he wanted to pick up food for dinner. We went to Wendy's- bad call. I had a large fry 12pts. Fail.

Matt headed off to his soccer game and I went to the kitchen. I have come to realize that I am a creature of habit. When I find something I like, especially with food, I repeat over and over and over again. If you read this regularly, you may have noticed: with pumpkin- here, here, here, and here; with laughing cow cheese on english muffins- here, here, here, and here; and my new addiction- squash. I made a baked acorn squash last week and loved it. I decided I had to explore some more and decide if the enemy of my childhood and I really had made amends. Turns out- we have. 
Acorn and spaghetti squash
I made some more baked acorn squash (I think I liked the previous recipe better) and mac squash and cheese. I tried several tastes of the "mac" and cheese to get the taste right so 1pt for that.

To keep myself from continued snacking during my 2 hrs in the kitchen, I grabbed 14 baked tortilla chips and had them with some leftover salsa from Qdoba for 2pts.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Points: 23/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 35/35 remaining
Exercise: CLEANING!
Weekly Activity Points: 0/0
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs / -33.2 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. My hubby gets insanely cranky if I don't have meat in his meal. Anytime I am in the kitchen I seem to be a snack aholic its so bad.


  2. Oh that lunch looks divine...xx

  3. So glad you're feeling better!!! :D

    The alfredo pasta looks delish!! Did you make the sauce or was it from a jar? I've love anything alfredo!


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