Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin Cake and Birthday Bash. Wed W37.

Wednesday was my 23rd birthday. I worked on my thesis in the morning/during the day. I had pumpkin toast for breakfast.

For lunch I had tomato soup with sour dough bread- so yummy!

At night, some of my friends got together and threw me a party! I was clueless. It was at Cait's house and a ton of fun. I had a few drinks and some chips and dip and the best part.....PUMPKIN CAKE. CJ is a cake maker extraordinaire and she knows I've been doing weight watchers so she made a healthified pumpkin cake! I have to get the recipe and share it with you. It was AMAZING. Currently I am wondering where the leftovers ended up :). It was 5pts per piece including icing. Way fun!

I don't know where I'm going

Hubs and I

Baller pumpkin cake. 5pts per serving including icing.

my piece

Matt and Brad

The crew

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Casey! It looks like you had a wonderful evening, glad your friend took your WW journey into consideration when making your hummy cake.

  2. Happy belated Birthday! That cake looks absolutely amazing! and 5 pts. with frosting that's awesome!


  3. How sweet of your friends and to even consider making a lower point cake for you, sounds like they are some keepers!!

    Happy belated birthday!! I say keep celebrating all week long! ;)

  4. Happy 23rd birthday...for Wednesday ( its Saturday so late )
    Looks like you have a lovely time with friends and agree that cake does look tasty...

    When I go to Cape Town ( in 15days and counting ) my youngest daughter turns 24 three days after I arrive...we going to a concert together...cant wait.


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