Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wet Cat W39

So, I have been away for quite a while now. I took off the weekend that my friend Andrea came in town from tracking and dieting. That trend ended up continuing for a little lot longer than I had planned. I have been working like CRAZY on my thesis and work work has been just as chaotic!

So Monday was my weigh in day and weight watchers meeting. I REALLY didn't want to go. REALLY REALLY. This is kind of how I felt about getting on the scale..
Please, please, please don't make me touch the scale! PLEAAAASE!
But I put on my big girl panties and went to my meeting and weighed in. Not surprisingly, this is how I felt after diving in.
Eff. Seriously?
Yeah, that bad. Since I knew I was going to be up this week, I decided it was a good time to transition my wardrobe to the fall weather. So from running shorts and t-shirts to ls shirts and jeans I decided to get all of the gain over in one fell  fail swoop...FAIL being the keyword here. 
+ 5 lbs
That hurt. A lot. Plus FIVE? Are you kidding me? How did that happen? When did that happen? I mean, yes there was lots of wine, but REALLY? FIVE? Ok, I'm ok...heart, slow down a second. So that sucks, but when I'm honest with myself I wasn't doing anything to make sure I maintained or lost and I wasn't being health focused. I wouldn't say I was going nuts or anything which is why it was a surprise, but eating more and moving less will do that. 

So now that that's over with, I'm getting back on track. I have been moderating my foods this week. Part of the reason I haven't posted is because I lost my camera card while Andrea was in town. At least I hope I lost it because if not, Bear must have eaten it. I'm going to buy a new one later today. I've been taking pictures with my camera phone, but its harder to upload them ect. and I've been lazy/busy. So in short- I'm sorry. A little to all of you for being MIA and not recording the unhealthfulness, but more to myself for not making what I want my highest priority and then not getting back on the horse immediately after Monday.

I follow a lot of blogs that have taken some time off and gained some weight back- sometimes 10 lbs or less and sometimes a lot more. I always related it to my 1-2 lb gains and such, but didn't have a concept of how it felt to gain a significant (or what feels significant) amount back. Most people came back with renewed fervor. I've been stewing about it for a few days and had to process it on my own before I could write about it without using a string of profanities. 

I've thought about it and I guess there are some things I need to work on that contributed to my lack of fervor and subsequent gain. 
  1. I teach at 8am now instead of 9. I know that its just an hr difference, but I am tired all of the time. 
  2. No camera card = no accountability. I "estimated" what I ate just so I'd know if I ate a crazy amount.
  3. I have gotten comfortable with how I look. When I started- I hated how I looked. I didn't have a clear goal in mind of what to look like, but "not this" was at the top of the description list. I'd compare myself to everyone to a fault and now when I do that, it doesn't make me feel bad so I think I've lost a little bit of the motivation I had. 
  4. When I spend time with friends, I like to drink wine. Bottles and bottles of wine. Not a problem on a daily basis, but when we have company in town, my points are out of control. Seriously? 2pts for my baby glass? Please don't count my Cougar Town size portions. I still don't think there's a good strategy for drinking OP. Fortunately, after losing some weight I really can't drink much or I'll feel terrible the next day. Still 2 beers is a fourth of my points for the day! (Two baby beers- and honestly, where can you order 12 oz. of Oktoberfest?)
  5. Matt and I are sharing a car. Meaning- where he goes, I follow and visa versa. Some one totaled mine and we can't replace it at the time. Its getting harder working so many hours to coordinate our driving. It means getting up earlier, driving later, losing time.
  6. Daylight is about over when I get off work. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to cold weather. Running outside has dropped of my radar. I have been hibernating.
  7. Fast food is easier than cooking. Fact. It tastes better sometimes too. As long as you can put up with the tummy ache later (or sleep through it) you're golden.
So those are some of the reasons I can count that have contributed to my failure to stay OP. I'm still getting in the groove of the new schedule and working on my thesis non-stop in the off hours. Its just a lot to focus on while being concerned about my food. BUT I am determined to lose 50 lbs this year. So gotta stay fly focussed. 

So here are pictures of my eats this week. You may notice they get healthier (esp after Monday night!!)
chips from guad 7pts
I had 1/2 of these Sunday. 3 enchelladas- spinach, chicken, and potato

Free food at school. Hard to pass up when you're on a budget! I didn't have the beans. I had 1/2 the mac n cheese 2pts, a little cole slaw 1pt, and 3/4 of the brownie 5pts.

Baked Fries, 4pts

chicken wrap. Sunday Night- had 2 8pts.
pb&j 4pts

Bodos- Monday. Light egg, cheese, bacon 10pts.

100 calorie pack 2pts. I had bbq pop chips too 1pt- they suck.

Healthy Lifestyle Pasta 4pts- too salty

PB&J 4pts, cottage cheese 2pts, tortilla chips 2pts.

Chocolate bon bon at work. 2nd one below

Smart ones + cheese 5pts. Thursday

chocolates at work 2pts. I had 2

1 serving tortilla chips

mango peach protein smoothie
Of course that's not everything, but its some. I'm buying a camera card tomorrow and starting to track my points again. Time to get this show on the road.


  1. Welcome back!! Totally been there, but you've taken the first step and usually that's the hardest!!

  2. I have totally been where you are at... call it right after my wedding. Since August I have been in a serious slump. I am finally getting back on track, just in time to fight through the holidays lol. Good luck tracking again!


  3. I love your honesty...and the cats. Damn, i hate that feeling. eeee! excellent reflections though, I need to apply that process to all of my life.


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