Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday W37.

Hey every one! Sad I missed you Wed (kind of). I went over my points values due to Mellow Mushroom trivia night and those darn chocolate chip cookies. I don't even know how how many points I had but it was a lot. Thursday, I had to work, but I got a great treat....

One of my best friends from college flew in to visit! So, I'm going to try and make healthy choices when possible, but not sweat the small stuff this weekend. I had a cliff bar for breakfast 2pts.

Andrea got in around lunch time and Matt and she ate lunch with me. We went to cobbs and split a spinach/artichoke/grilled chicken thin crust pizza. I had 2 slices 12 pts. (no picha)

After work, I dashed home and changed before heading to YOGA! So I can't lie. I have been to yoga classes before and felt like an outsider- everyone in their little yoga pants with cute mats (me with my vibrant green mat from the wii fit in shorts and a tshirt). I have felt a little judged. Yoga (at least in college towns where I've lived) has been a place where the hipsters and preps of the fitness world meet- to feel healthy and superior. This yoga was not like that at all. I LOVED it! Although I am SO glad I waited until now to retry yoga. I think if I would have done this 8 lbs ago, I still wouldn't have been strong enough. I am deff going back. +3 activity points.

After yoga, Cait, Andrea and I made berry smoothies! Fro yo and lots of frozen berries. Delish 4pts.

After that, Andy and I came home and had dinner- fiesta chicken and rice bake (I had a small piece) 6pts  and green bean casserole 2pts.

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  1. Its all about the gear in certain classes...I saw that as a instructor.....but as long as u enjoyed.


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