Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the Holiday Parties Commence

Saturday was almost a normal work day. I have several students doing sessions over the weekend to make up for holiday vacation time. I didn't get breakfast before work so by 11 I was starving! I found a cliff bar in my desk at work for 2pts (130 calories).

After working with students most of the morning and part of the afternoon, I came home and hit the gym with Matt. I got in a 20 minute run 3pts 200 calories, and 35 minutes on the cross trainer 3pts and 400 calories. Its been so cold lately, I've been skipping out on running because I hate running in the cold, but today, I ran on the dreadmill and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I finished off the workout with 120 crunches and 2 sets of leg lifts 1pt (no clue calories).


Sweaty, but happy, mess

Cross Trainer Action
I was starving again by the time we had lunch at 3:30. I had a taco for 4pts (2 pts 96% ff taco meat, 1pt ff tortilla, 1pt cheese) and 250 calories.

I also snagged 2 cookies as a snack 1pt 40 calories! They were gone before I could find my camera! Sorry!! After lunch, I went back out to run errands for work. I am going to be on the news Monday morning at 6am doing a segment on creating a  "Smart Mom's Toy Box" for LearningRx so you should check it out!

After errands, Matt and I went to our advisor's holiday party. I had 14pts of alcohol, 8pts of appetizers, and 5pts on a cookie...estimated calories- 1,400 calories. whew. Wopper there.

Points: 33/23
Calories: 1,830
Weekly Allowance Points: 19 used / 16 remaining
Weekly Activity Points: 7 today/19 for the week
Exercise: 20 minute run, 35 minute cross trainer, strength training 650 calories
Water: 60 oz.
Weekly Weight Loss: -3 lbs / -35.0 lbs total

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