Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... well mostly

Today, I weighed in for the first time outside of weightwatchers. If you missed the reason for this, check out my post for yesterday. I'm at 163.4 or -3lbs from last Monday. I'll take it. I'm still keeping my weigh in on Mondays, but I was still out of town this week.

5pts and 220 calories

Not that great.

5pts and 270 calories

Way better than breakfast

Went to mcgrady's for dinner
I had buffalo wings and ate 1/2, bad decision. 14 pts and 528 calories for 6 wings.

We split these (but barely made a dent). I only had a few bites 2pts and 110 calories

24 oz. Yeunglings. 5pts and 260 calories.

Points: 31/23
Calories: 1,388
Weekly Allowance Points: 8 used / 27 remaining
Weekly Activity Points: 0/0
Exercise: none
Water: 72 oz. Awesome!
Weekly Weight Loss: -3 lbs / -35.0 lbs total

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