Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday Travel Time

First let me say, thank you all for the feedback and encouragement you gave me after Monday's post. I've gotten some good perspective that I'll share tomorrow about my journey/goals. For now, just THANK YOU!

So hooray! The start of our holiday vacation is FINALLY HERE! I worked all day Tuesday- the center was crazy. I missed my breakfast I packed and was soooo ready for my artichoke by lunchtime. 1pt steamed artichoke 1pt butter and lemon (90 calories). I also had 1/2 of a piece of peanut brittle 1pt. Presents from students are awesome! I did manage to skip the Lindor chocolate. I knew if I had one piece, I would eat it all.

Chimmeny presents from work

Artichoke w/ lemon sauce

After work, I was starving again. I had a Santa Fe salad 5pts 250 calories and a small piece of my sour dough 1pt 80 calories.

I had packed my bags the night before to leave so all that was left was situating Bear, getting it all into our friend, Jamie's car, and heading to the airport. Around 9 I was hungry again and got a small chicken burrito from Salsitas in the Charlotte airport guess 8pts 450 calories with chips and salsa (split w/ matt), guess 5pts 200 calories.

Bear popped his head out of his carry-on bag and made me feel like Paris Hilton.



What's going on?
We finally got into Little Rock around 12:30 and Matt's parents met us at the airport. Bear sure was glad to stretch his little legs!


Points: 20/23
Calories: 1,050
Weekly Allowance Points: 6 used / 29 weekly left
Exercise: none
Water: 50 oz.
Weekly Weight Loss: +1.8 lbs / 34.8 lbs total

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