Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not a Convert

Back to work today after my all too short vacation to Memphis. I miss everyone already!! The good news about my trip is that I got up and ran almost every day. The bad news? The wedding was open bar and my diet is not. Ah, such is life. If you missed the recap, find it here.

Since last week, I've given the points plus program a lot of thought, effort, and some time. I think I'm sticking with my former green eggs and ham conclusion..I don't care for it. and as a matter of fact, I think as of tomorrow, I will be canceling my WW subscription. Gasp. Its a little shocking to actually say that although I've been thinking it (guiltily) every day since last week. The weight watchers guidelines have helped me so much in my healthy living journey that its a little frightening to let that go, but to be honest, I haven't really been tracking since early June (maybe even earlier than that). I just eat what I like and calculate the points for you all and myself later. I weigh in...every 2-3 weeks or so. 

I feel like I was already moving away from the meetings/plan, and that this new system was the straw that broke the camel's back. I don't want to have to go back and recalculate all of the points values for all my recipes, I don't want to relearn it for every food out there. Uhg. That took so much time to start out with that I'd like to just keep going with what I know. I'm going to try it on my own- still blogging everything with the old points system as well as calorie values and see how I do. If its not working, I'll rejoin WW. No harm no foul. 

So on to my day. I was exhausted when I woke up. I felt like I had just closed my eyes! I peeled myself out of bed and stumbled to work without breakfast. I was walking dead. I got some great news today. One of my students, who was previously a D/F student made B's or higher on 4 tests last week!! Success! I was pretty excited about that. For lunch, I had a smart ones angel hair marinara 4pts (230 calories) with ~ 1/6 cup mozzarella cheese on top 1pt (60 calories). 

After lunch, I was tempted by the box of hershy's bars under my desk and made it through 3/4 of one with almonds before I convinced myself to throw it out 4pts. I can't find the picture. I didn't end up getting home from work until close to 7 and we had to head straight to the grocery since there was no food at home!! I snacked on a few pretzel crumbs 1pt (60 calories).
A little more than this, this was just what was left in the bag after my munch to take pictures of.
I made chicken veggie orzo for dinner. I even calculated out the nutrition info for ya'll!! Its 6pts for my serving and ~260 calories. I added some feta 1pt for 60 calories.

I'm going to turn in early tonight to try and shake off the sand man. Tomorrow is a thesis and running day so stay tuned for how those go! 

Points: 17/23
Calories: 750
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 remaining
Weekly Activity Points: 0/0
Exercise: none
Water: 80 oz.
Weekly Weight Loss: no weigh in yet / -34.0 total

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  1. I personally do not like the new program. My first week I gained six pounds. SIX! I have never felt so defeated in my life. I think i`m going to go to calorie counting/old weight watchers. Good luck to you!



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