Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 4: Day 2

I cannot believe it is only Tuesday. The weeks seem to be dragging lately- along with my energy and patience levels. For breakfast, I had 2 slices of light toast with 2 tsp light butter and 2 tsp plum jam for 3pts. I got to scoot on the roads for the first time today on my ruckus. (I made Matt follow me bc I am a weenie.)

For lunch, I had 1.8 oz grilled chicken breast (1/2 a thin sliced chicken breast by tysons) with light ranch, light Italian cheese, a light wheat bun, and some hot sauce for 6pts. I also had a veggie salad with feta and balsamic vinegar for 1pt (the 2 tbsps feta were the only thing worth points).

I took a break from work and walked bear for an hour ~3miles. We did this again after work for a total of +7 activity points for the day. Before the first walk I had ~13 cheez-its for 3pts and a coconut dream ww bar for 2pts.

After work, Matt and I made tacos. I had 1/2 lb lean ground beef (96% lean, drained) over 2 1/2 fat free tortillas with 1/4 cup of mexican cheese and some fresh salsa for 15pts.

Tuesday Stats:
Points Plus: 30/29
Activity: +7
Weight: didn't weigh today
Most recent ww weigh in: 164.8 lbs

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