Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 8: Day 1

My chiropractor said that I need to eat more a lot more meat- as in with every meal...and reduce my carbs...ew. Carbs are like my favorite thing in the world, not sugary carbs, but potatoes, pasta, bread, beer, yes please. And that is precisely what I am supposed to limit because I may have an insulin regulation issue- hypoglycemia or something. I don't see this going well. Anyway, its probably better, because I certainly don't crave meat. at all. But carbs- such as beer and french fries- beget more carbs. Anyway, I'm going to try it this week until I get my blood work back at least.

I have decided that I need to set some goals for myself to get motivated. I haven't decided for sure, but here are some of my ideas:

-Lose 5 lbs: Get hair done
-Lose 10 lbs: Bikini Wax
-Lose 15 lbs: Get new dress
-Lose 10% body weight: massage
-Get into 140's: pedi/massage

I'll probably adjust them over the next week, but I think those are going to be my long term goals and rewards.

In the short term, I'm going to give myself weekly goals to try and meet. For this week, they are:
-Eat out only 1x M-F
-No alcohol during weekdays
-No artificial sugar (kill me now)
-Protein every breakfast

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