Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 8: Day 1

I'm behind on writing my daily eats because I've had a really bad ear infection and have been nocking myself out with nyquil every time I wake up for two days. :) Here's Monday's recap.

For breakfast I had a slice of bacon 1pts+ and an egg beater, goat cheese, and tomato omelet for 2pts+. Super protein breakfast just like the dr ordered.

For lunch, I had a delicious and well balanced lunch of a ham sandwich with home made pickles, provolone cheese, and olive oil mayo for 8pts+, with some fat free cottage cheese 1pts+, and some fuji apple slices for 0pts+.

I was starting to feel my ear get sore from an ear infection on top of a cold I already had so I made sure to get in my juice plus! As well as some detox tea!

And since it was Halloween, I wore a mask around while working with the kids.

Dinner was chicken tortilla soup for 2pts+ and the macaroni casserole bake for 8pts+. It was better when it first came out of the oven unfortunately, but it was still good.

I also had a cookie and some pretzels for 5pts+.

Monday Stats:
Points Plus: 27/29
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Activity: 0/0
Weight: 165.6 lbs

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