Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 8: Day 7

Sunday, I had home made biscuit for breakfast with my sweet potato butter from the feast giveaway for 3pts+ for one biscuit.

I went to starbucks and worked on my resume for a while and had a grande light coffee frappuccino for 3pts+.

For lunch, I had kielbasa and bean soup for 4pts+ and some spinich and broccoli slaw salad with goddess dressing for 2pts+

Matt and I went on a 2 mile walk mid day for +2 activity points!

We also tried the crostini's with some cheese from feast for 1pt+ (I only had 2 small ones).

For dinner, I had organic baked fries for 6pts+ with some of the skinny broccoli mac n cheese with ham for 10pts+.

This is ~1/2 what I had
Here's hoping the weigh in goes well tomorrow!!

Sunday Stats:
Points Plus: 29/29
Weekly Points Used: 31?/49
Activity: 0/0
Weight: 165.6 lbs

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