Monday, November 21, 2011

End of Week 10!!!

Oh my goodness, I have been following my plan, but just haven't had time to update on here! Here are my weekend stats:

Thursday: daily 39/29, weekly 28/49, activity 2/4
Friday: daily 30/29, weekly 29/49, activity 3/7
Saturday: daily 36/29, weekly 36/49, activity 0/7
Sunday: daily 36/29, weekly 45/49, activity 22/29

BAM! Tracked.

W2D2 C25K


2% milk

mediterranian chicken thigh and couscous

eating unhealthy stuff per dr's orders for blood work: chicken sand, fries and frosty!

little bear morning pee. i am a mean mommy

40 mins on eliptical. I wanted to run, but some one was on the treadmill...exercise in flexibily

nommmmms #bestthingever

Jamie, go get this right now. Its organic chocolate peanutbutter! Reese's toast for breakfast? Yes, please.


Mediterranean Salad from Brixx


Star Hill Beer Tasting

Mediterranean chicken thigh w couscous

nails did

light coffee frap


dip out of the chocolate peanut butter

medium french fry

steak egg white flatout from subway

hiking humpback

bear is the king of the hill

Hubby is awesome






3 hr wrong turn

climbing in my vibrams

stir fry reward

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  1. hahaha. what a post! this makes me wanna go hiking!


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