Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 9: Day 2

Tuesday, I worked an hour less than normal which was nice. I slept in and went to vote at 9 so I missed breakfast. I wasn't that hungry since I had eaten crap the night before.

For lunch, I had a ham sandwich for 8pts+, with 1/2 and apple for 0pts+, and some lf cottage cheese for 1pt+.

Around 4:30, I had a snack of spinach, broccoli carrot slaw, and goddess dressing for 2pts+.

Dinner was not too awesome. I had chips and cheese dip at a mexican restraunt for 24pts+. #fail.

Tuesday Stats:
Points Plus: 35/29
Weekly Points Used: 15/49
Activity: 0/0
Weight: 163.8 lbs

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