Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 11: Day 1

Monday was back to work. I was tired basically all day, but it was fine. I had Bodo's for breakfast. I had an egg white, ham and cheese bagle for 15pts+. No picture.

I had a mint for 1pt+.

I had steamed broccoli with a little cheese for lunch for 1pts+.

I went to my WW meeting very late. I missed most of the meeting because I had to work late, but I still went. I was up 3.2 lbs. oof. Back to work today!

I had a mediteranean salad for dinner with bread for 7pts+.

I stole a few of Matt's chips for 1pts+.

I had 1/2 a skinny cow cookies and cream bar for 1pt+.

Tuesday Stats:
Points Plus: 26/29
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Activity: 0/2
Weight: 164.4 lbs

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