Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 10: Day 3

Tuesday, I was running late so I took my breakfast to work...which I then didn't have time to I had it for lunch. My leftover sticks humus with veggies for 4pts+.

I had what was intended for lunch, a sweet potato with light butter, as a snack around 4:30 for 5pts+.

I made Matt dinner before I was hungry, but I took a bite of his turkey and avocado sandwich for 2pts+?? No picture! And vitamins!

For dinner, I just munched. I had a boiled egg, some olives, and a small piece of dark chocolate for 5pts+.

I had more than this. ~6-7
Wednesday Stats:
Points Plus: 16/29
Weekly Points Used: 18/49
Activity: 0/2
Weight: 162.2 lbs

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  1. For some reason your blog has not been showing up in my feed I thought you went MIA! I just started back up with weight watchers. I am hoping I can do good through the holidays on it. xo


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