Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 9: Day 1

Monday was a normal day of work. I had an asparagus, bacon, and asiago cheese egg beater omlet for 3pts+ for breakfast. It was delicious!

For lunch, Liz and I hit up Cobbs where I got a salad with grilled chicken for 4pts+.

After work, I headed to my WW meeting. The topic was not being a couch potato. I wasn't a huge fan of the topic, but that's just me. I enjoyed the meeting though bc I'm in love with our leader, Kathy. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get the weight loss I was really hoping for. I made it an unspoken goal to really shoot for 2lb loss each week for a few weeks. I'm not killing myself if I don't hit it, but it really helps me stay motivated to work with the plan during the week. I got my 2 lbs last week, but this week I got 1.8. It was close! I weighed in at 163.8 lbs.

For dinner, we went to West Main. Some of our friends finished their qualifier exams and we went to say congrats and watch the 1st part of the Bears game. I had 2 regular beers 10pts+, some artichoke dip 8pts+ (I estimated off the 30pt artichoke dip from outback), a bite of burger (1pt+), and a side of fries for 11pts+. I didn't take pictures of everything bc I didn't want to be the creeper again.

I did my hair!
Monday Stats:
Points Plus: 38/29
Weekly Points Used: 9/49
Activity: 0/0
Weight: 163.8 lbs

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