Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 10: Day 1

Monday was a long, but pretty good day. I had a 3pts+ omlet for breakfast.

I had fettuccini alfredo for lunch for 6pts+.
I had a Mediterranean salad from Brixx for dinner (with all of the Mediterranean food I've been eating, I'm thinking Greece could be a good retirement locale.)  for 3pts+ with bread 3pts+ and a small slice of thin crust pizza 4pts+.

I went to my WW meeting after work and weighed in at 161.2 lbs for a loss of -1.0 lbs. At 5'5", I am closing in on a healthy weight. ~10 lbs away! Maybe I can get there by New Years?? The meeting topic was about managing stress, so it was good for me to listen to the strategies we can use to combat it- especially right before vacations- I find I'm more stressed around vacation time than any other because I worry about work and what I'm missing! It doesn't really make sense, vacation = relaxation, work = stress. 

I spent the rest of the night making baby shower invitations. My best friend is due in February and our girl group is throwing her a shower over the Christmas holidays.

embossed owls! These took for. ev. er. to make. gracious.
Monday Stats:
Points Plus: 19/29
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Activity: 0/2
Weight: 161.2 lbs


  1. the invitations are so cute! I lurve the owls~!

  2. hehehe. what a whooooot. hehehe. thank you for doing these! you are such a good friend.


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