Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 9: Day 5-6

I tend to get a little behind on the weekends! I had Friday off work and ran errands all day. Bo. I did C24K Week 1 Day 2 on Friday for +3 activity pts.

I had an egg beater with ketchup and a glass of milk for 3pts+.

For lunch, I had a spinach broccoli slaw salad with goddess dressing. I'm addicted. I doubled the amt of slaw and spinach for 2pts+. I also had a slice of toast with dark chocolate peanut spread and peanut butter for 4pts+.

While I was out and about running errands, I picked up a sweater which I now want to wear everywhere. I actually slept in it for a bit...

For dinner Friday, Matt and I went on a double date with Chris and a girl he just started dating named Mallory. We went to west main. I got the southwestern grilled chicken salad for 7pts+ and four pints of fat tire beer for 20pts+. No photo!

Friday Stats:
Points Plus: 36/29
Weekly Points Used: 21/49
Activity: 3/11
Weight: 163.8 lbs

Saturday, I had to work a promo event in the morning. I grabbed a light coffee frap before for 2pts+.

Unfortunately, Saturday I had a mostly unhealthy day. :( Always tomorrow to get back on track. I had a turkey tom for lunch from Jimmy John's for 12pts+.

I had a few cheez-its for 3pts+ as a snack later.

We took our car in to get new tires and walked home from the shop for 2pts+. For dinner, we had chick fil a. I got a chicken sandwich and small french fry for 18pts+.

Saturday Stats:
Points Plus: 32/29
Weekly Points Used: 24/49
Activity: 2/13
Weight: 163.8 lbs

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  1. love the new blog lay out. adorbs. lettering so you. also sweater! where did you get it? i need to go get one. #follower


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