Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 10: Thanksgiving

Matt and I went up to visit family for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun, and I didn't track while I was gone. I sat down this morning and estimated what I had. I was probably better than I might have been in the past over a holiday, but after adding everything up- its not going to be a surprise when I am up tonight at weigh in. After estimating totals for all of my points, I used 83/45 of my weekly points! Wowza. I found a lot of the totals surprising because I thought I did pretty well about moderating myself...I hardly ate a whole piece of anything..I could have a bite of pie and be done- or just a half a cookie, etc. I didn't want to miss any of the Thanksgiving and wedding once a year dishes. But those bites apparently add up...and from my graph of pts consumption from WW, I think once I got off track, I just stayed there.

Although I went over, and that certainly wasn't my intention, I did make some progress toward my goals and staying focused while I was gone. I ran two days I was gone, and made an effort to get outside and walk on the other days, so I earned 17 activity pts! The most yet. More importantly than my activity pts was the fact that I could jog 3 miles without stopping, and really without being very tired. My muscles were soar all week from the hike, but I can tell I'm getting stronger. 

So as much as I am not looking forward to weighing in today, I am ready to be back on track!


  1. I have been doing so bad with Weight Watchers lately I have no idea what my deal is! When will you be headed to Michigan? I'll be there for Christmas :] Where about in detroit will you be? There is iceskating in downtown detroit and it is so much fun!!!! Also in Downtown Rochester they have really pretty lights on all the building and an old fashion diner. You can email me if you want fashionmeetsfood[at] xo

  2. Your blog layout is so much better than mine. What do you use? HELP!
    <3 tech disabled friend.


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