Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 8: Day 3

I was off work again Wed and starting the meds I got from the doc on Tuesday. I have a follow up appt with the doc for the 18th to do a neuro physical. At least I'm making some progress to figuring out what's going on.

I woke up pretty late. Matt made me brunch in bed. He made a ham sandwich 8pts+ with a side of bbq chips 3pts+.

I had another serving of chips later in the day for 4pts+. No picture. I slept most of Wed. 

I had to run a meeting Wed night though so I went to work around 5 and stayed at work until 9:30. Before the meeting, Matt and I picked up some Arch's fro-yo with ff brownie topping. noms. 3pts+. I had some grapes at the meeting for 0pts+ and some bleack bean chips and salsa (only a few) for I'm guessing 3pts+.

So far, I've been good with no artificial sweetners! Go me! Matt made us salmon for dinner. I had half a serving with bell peppers for 4pts+ because I wasn't sure I had many points left for the day. 

I had another handful of chips for 4pts+ as a snack after dinner.

Wednesday Stats:
Points Plus: 29/29
Weekly Points Used: 11/49
Activity: 0/0
Weight: 165.6 lbs

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