Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 10: Day 1

Monday, I slept in a little and had an egg, ham and cheese omlet for breakfast for 3pts+.

I was really hungry all day so I had some green tea which helped for a hot second...then I brough out the big guns- soda. ;) noms.

For lunch, I had a sweet potato with light butter for 4pts+.

After work, I went to my weight watchers meeting and was down -1.6 lbs. Its not even close to my 2 lb goal each week, but I tried! I did C25K W2D1 for +2 activity pts.

Matt and I found a visitor when we got home! A neighborhood kitty was waiting to play with bear. Video to come.

For dinner, Matt and I went to sticks kebab shop. I got tomato dill soup and some pita bread with humus for 15pts+. Picture to come.

Monday Stats:
Points Plus: 22/29
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Activity: 2/2
Weight: 162.2 lbs


  1. sweet potatos with light butter. mmmm. looks nommy.

  2. and not to be bothersome,but i think 1.6 is way close to 2.0. just sayin.


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