Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 5: Day 3

Breakfast was a chocolate cupcake! 3pts+ Work was really busy today. I had several meetings with parents, a lot of prep work in the morning, and radio show to do over lunch. Here's the radio clip from the Schilling Show!

For lunch, I had a greek style salad with romaine 0pts+, cucumbers 0pts+, tomatoes 0pts+, 3 oz. turkey breast 2pts+, 1 oz. feta cheese 2pts+, and some cucumber dressing 2pts+.

For dinner, I made a pizza on a flat out for 2pts+, with marinara sauce 1pts+, feta and asiago cheese 2pts, tomato 0pts+, broccoli 0pts+, and mushrooms 0pts+. It was delicious, but I'm going to use tomato sauce instead of marinara next time since it was a little watery. I had half a cup of milk (out of the jug so no pic) with dinner for 1pts+.

We did a little house work after dinner before going to see The Ides of March which I'm still digesting- not sure how I feel about it. We got coffee before the show from starbucks. I had a light coffee frap for 3pts+, a bag of layes chips 8pts+ (holy crap!), and a few of Matt's M&M's 2pt+.

Tuesday Stats:
Points Plus: 29/29
Activity: 3/3
Weight: 168.0 lbs (10/10/2011)

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