Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect Saturday and Romper Thoughts

Today has been great- it was a perfect Saturday and would have been a perfect day in general if I weren't currently working in the aerogel lab. boo.

Matt and I lazily got up and headed to Beer Run for brunch with Jamie and Chris. We watched the Germany game there and chilled out. I had El Capitan breakfast taco- DELICIOUS! Home made fresh corn tortilla, a little sausage, cheese, fresh salsa, and egg 5pts

After brunch, we went home and got Harley and Bear and played Bocce Ball on the lawn. A few kids were obsessed with poor Bear. He was having fun for a while, but got overwhelmed when he had 5 kids chasing him around like rabid zombies yelling. Bocce Ball was fun- my team won both times, of course (not really, I'm sure it was beginner's luck and the fact that I was the only girl playing so the opposition wasn't throwing the pollena far for me).

After a few hours of bocce and lots of sun, we headed home. I went to target to look for a swimsuit with different straps to combat my killer tan lines before the weddings in 2 weeks, but had no luck. However....what do you all think about ROMPERS? 

Not sure the difference between a romper and a jumper except that rompers sound more hipster and sexy while jumpers take me back to the days of Guinea pig class pets and nap time (which I would be more than happy to go back to). I tried one on and liked it a lot, but idk if that is because its actually cute or if they're just super trendy. I didn't buy it...I'm not sure I'm cool (or skinny) enough yet!

After Target, I was completely exhausted, I took an hr nap and then had dinner with Matt. I had Mac-N-Cheese 9pts and most of a chili potato 7pts....that was a while ago and I am still suuuuper stuffed. I am currently squeezing some aerogel work into my odd schedule so that I can do 8 hrs of work on my off day this week. Its not so bad since I've been using the time to fancify my blog. Did you notice??

Points: 21/23
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 left /35 weekly
Exercise: bocce ball!!
Weekly Weight Loss: no weigh in this week/ -29 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


Love to hear from you guys!