Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soo much to do!! Wednesday W27

Tuesday night- I slept like a rock! Matt had made breakfast before I awoke from my coma and came out of hibernation. He made biscuits and I had one for 4pts.

I dropped Matt at work and then started my day "off" for the week. I had a million things to do and didn't think I would finish ever! It turned out, everything magically fell into place! Some of the things I did:
  1. Dr. appointment for ear infection
  2. Pick up prescription
  3. Finish work in aerogel lab
  4. Go for fitting at seamstress and get dress
  5. Pick up sodas and snacks for the road
  6. Schedule annual check up 
  7. Eye brow wax and haircut
  8. Buy tail light and pressure guage for car
  9. Get new foundation
  10. Stop by work and set up monitor for friend
I know none of that sounds like a lot- but it was just a run around so I was really glad when I finished. What's more amazing is that the hairstylist and seamstress were able to fit me in since I didn't have appointments with them! I took a break midway through and had lunch with Matt. We went to St. Maarten's. I had a turkey, tomato, and spinach artichoke dip panini with fries. I had 1/2 the panini for 6pts and all the fries 9pts.

I spent the late afternoon and early evening at the pool with Matt and Chris. We played volley ball and swam around. I'm counting the hour or more for +1 activity point.

After the pool, I had the 2nd half of my panini 6pts. It is the best panini I've ever had! (The Devonshire if you Charlottesvillians are interested).

I made baked potato fries for Jamie, Chris, Matt and I while we were hanging out and playing fat princess. I probably munched on a potato and a half 9pts with 1pt of honey mustard. I also had a really small glass of wine for 1pt just to appease our guests. I swear I said I wasn't wasting calories on alcohol no less than 7 times! Finally, I gave in and tried a sip of the Chardonnay.

Points: 36/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 23 left /35 weekly
Exercise: swimming
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.4 lbs / -28.4 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


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  2. where is your sister getting married?


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