Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Monday

Monday was a long day! I seriously slept until 9:00 Tuesday morning to make up for how tired I was! I weighed in per my Monday usual. I'm down 1.8 lbs since last week. Not bad.

I got to work around 7:30am and didn't leave until after 7pm! I was busy all day long and rushing around to try and get everything done. I couldn't find the other 1/2 of my grapefruit in the fridge on my rush out the door (still haven't found the wandering fruit) so I grabbed apples which weren't really enough. 1pt.
90 calories, 1pt+
 I scarffed down lunch while meeting with my boss. It was a Santa Fe Style Chicken Salad 5pts and a hard boiled egg 2pts.
Salad: 240 calories, 6.5pts+, Egg: 65 calories, 2pts+
I wasn't expecting to be at work for so long or else I would have planned to have more food there. I ended up grabbing two cream cheese rolls to sustain me. Not the best, but not awful. They were 120 calories each- guessing 6pts total.
240 calories, 8pts+?
Chris, Jamie, and Mike invited us over for dinner last minute yesterday and I didn't get the message until after I left work. I ran to the gym and got my run on. I thought today was a 3.5 mile day...I don't know where I got that from because I just looked at my plan and it was just 3. I'm wondering if I can just do 3 on Wed now instead of the 3.5 planned. hah- oops. Oh well, 3.5 miles in 41 minutes. Not fast, but its what I can do. +4 activity points. Did I mention the treadmill is my personal purgatory? 

+4 activity points, -400 calories
As soon as I left the gym, I ran home, threw on jeans and a button down and headed out. I was a hot mess at dinner, but what was awaiting us was totally worth it! Our friends made steak and chicken fajitas with home made tortillas and pico. heaven.

Grilled Chicken, Flank Steak, and veggies. I may have hogged the veggies- they were so good and tender.
Hubby and his margarita
Chris and Mike making flour tortillas
Tortillas in progress
I had one fajita, which I filled 1/2 with 1.5 oz of steak and 1/2 with 1.5 oz of chicken, some salsa, chipotle sauce, and veggies. I only ate 1/2 the tortilla. My guess is 6pts. I also had a large helping of chopped greens topped with pico and grilled veggies 1pt- I think I could eat this every day for eternity and be content...as long as there were fries somewhere. I also had 1/2 a margarita 3pts and a glass of red wine (not pictured) 2pts. I was so exhausted that I rested on the couch while the boys played some hearts.

Monday Stats:
Water: ? oz. / 80 oz.
Calories: ??
Points:  26 / 22
Weekly Points: 4 used today / 31 remaining
Exercise: 3.5 mile run
Activity Points: 4 today / 4 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.8 lbs / 40.6 lbs total


  1. Way to go! I'm curious..how do you calculate your points? Is it weight watchers?

  2. good job, girl! I got out of the habit of watching what i eat (and into the habit of getting icecream every time i went to the grocery store) and am up 7 pounds in 3 work intense weeks. will be reading your blog more regularly to get inspired about not eating a 1/2 gallon of icecream every night.


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