Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I'm feeling better today, my ear infection seems to be doing better, but my back is still in a funk. I am back to tracking though, so here's to sharing some healthy eats with you!! 

I'm going to start adding points+ values to the site as I look them up per readers' requests. I've also been asked about my opinion of the points plus program. I decided not to do it because I already knew the old program and the formula was working for me and I didn't want to spend more $$ to learn another program. My initial reactions to the program are here and here, but the main reason I didn't change was that there is no slider to calculate points+ values. I have learned a lot about the value of food based on the slider and how if I change it I can make it a better "diet" food and when that tangible piece is gone, I feel a little lost in the kitchen. Since the points+ conversion, I have stepped up my food group tracking which was in part motivated by the emphasis points+ places on fruits and veggies, so it has helped me refocus.

Those are the reasons I decided not to do the points+ program, but that isn't to say it can't work for you. WeightWatchers is an excellent educational program reteaching the how-tos of healthy living and I think what they suggest is based on sound nutritional research and can work for nearly anyone given they put in the effort. Some of my favorite bloggers follow the points+ program and they look fabulous and aren't complaining! WeightWatchers has helped people in many forms over the years (1972 version)- my mother-in-law did it when it was just choosing a certain number of foods from each food group- and despite the big changes they have made over time, people continue to see dramatic results. I still highly recommend WeightWatchers in whatever its current form to anyone looking to start loosing weight. Who knows, maybe I'll rejoin for my last 5 lbs loss before goal so that I can become a lifetime member.

This morning, I had a cliff bar 2pts (120 calories, 3.5 points+). Oh, and a lot of medicine- ear drops for outer ear infection, antibiotics for inner ear infection, and ibuprophen for back swelling.

For lunch, I had the Santa Fe Style Salad with Chicken again from Kroger. I can't get enough of it. Its 5pts (240 calories, 6.5 points+).

I took a break in the afternoon and had some earl grey tea to try and kill my headache and give me some energy. I felt like I was running on empty!

I was so ready to get home when I finished work. I have big plans to clean the house top to bottom tonight! Matt and I picked up chinese on the way home. The hibachi buffet near our house does take out for 3.49 per lb and we get a 10% discount for being students so it has become our guilty pleasure for eating on the cheap. Not the greatest, but it was good! I had a few pieces of General Tso's 4pts (100 calories?), 1 cup of black pepper chicken 11pts (450 calories), and cheese won tons 8pts (300 calories). I didn't end up eating the stuffed potato.

I'm going to spent the rest of the night cleaning and scrubbing so here's to sparkle tomorrow! Have a productive night everyone!! Look at my new tracker! I made some stickies for the bottom of the page. It has the food groups and amts I need to check off as well as a graph to track my hunger throughout the day. I'm all about the visual!

Tuesday Stats:
Water: 70 oz. / 80 oz.
Calories: 1,250
Points: 29 / 23
Weekly Points: 6 used today / 29 remaining
Exercise: none (waiting on x-ray results)
Activity Points: 0 today / 0 week
Weekly Weight Loss: +.8 lbs / 38 lbs total


  1. Hey Casey!
    I just got your comment on my blog and also love yours btw! Your doing great and it's so inspiring seeing someone else doing this and at the same rate I am and weight range and everything. I would deff. like to take you up as well on your offer of being eachother's accounatbility partner for the races and just in getting to our goals because 140 is my weight goal too! So let me know if that sounds good cause I could use it for sure.
    ~Kassandra @kassandralexis.blogspot.com

  2. Hope you get better ASAP! I get ear infections all the time it's the worst. Have you tried (not sure what they're called) they are orange and I get them at Walmart and they are like ear plugs. They're medicated I put them in when I go to bed if I have an ear infection and it was literally drain my ear out like crazy. It's pretty gross but is absolutely amazing for getting rid of an ear infection.



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