Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Funday

Whew- Monday was a loooong day today- more on that tomorrow. Sunday was spent buried under books grumpily pumping out a mere page on my thesis. The effort input did not match up with the output so it was a frustrating day, but there will always be some of those I guess. I had a splenda-ed grapefruit for breakfast 1pt.

50 calories, 0pts+
 Lunch was at LearningRx- aka my weekend thesis cave. I had a humus veggie salad with feta- AMAZING 2pts, with some peanutbutter celery 3pts, and a medium hard boiled egg 2pts.

Which looked like this 20 seconds later
After lots of work and little progress, Matt brought me some of these...11pts. The man knows the way to my heart.
500 calories
 Dinner was leftover veggie pizza from Pizza Bella. Delish the second time around...8pts.
And even better when washed down with cheesecake! 6pts.

I am literally exhausted so I'll come back and total all this up tomorrow. I know it wasn't over my weekly points left and wasn't too many calories, so I'm not that worried. 

Have a great night!

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