Sunday, February 13, 2011

Off Track Weekend

I didn't track Friday and Saturday. I didn't do a ton of work those days either. It was nice to have a bit off, but I really wish I would have stayed on plan while enjoying the work break.
Chick Fil A Chargrilled chicken Salad. 180 calories 3pts
Small fries split with matt
New Polish I now love. I feel like a badass wearing it
Finished the Truffles!

And they are now in valentine wrappers for our friends! Matt and I will be passing out Valentines like 3rd graders tomorrow. So excited.

All of the finished truffles

Pink insides!
Saturday dinner was spagetti
Followed by too much beer with these kids

Posing with 40s
Sunday required hangover cure: aka wendy's 
And truffles
I had planned my salad for dinner, but after my eats for the day, I wasn't really hungry at dinner so I think that its better if I eat when I'm hungry instead of trying to get in a salad for salad week when I'm not. So Salad Week Day #4 was a miss.

I'm trying to make an effort to plan my meals a day ahead now and see if I can make some weight loss headway that way. I've been in limbo weight wise for a while and it's time to kick it to the curb.

Hope everyone has a wonderful love-filled Valentine's Day!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day Gorgeous!
    1. For Audrey looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL on!
    2. Love how you packaged up your truffles very cute. I tried making some truffles to give out and my husband had a couple friends over... they definitely ate all 80 of annoying.
    3. I seriously need to try Wendy's fries!


  2. chickfila!! i love their salads. i have the same nail polish color! :) happy v-day!


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