Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to it Monday!

After my break (and 2 lbs addition) I'm back to it. For breakfast, I had a cliff bar 2pts and 130 calories.
These never get old.
I threw on some taco soup mid morning while working so that it would be ready by lunch. PS- do you know the easiest way to dice an onion?? My dad showed me this over Christmas break. I think he said he got it from Giada.

  1. Cut the onion top off to prepare.
  2. Slice many cuts across the onion down to the bottom leaving ~1/4 inch for you to hold.
  3. Turn it on its side and slice as if you were making onion rings. It should come out as diced pieces!
I love this because it doesn't make my eyes water while slicing which is my least favorite thing about onions!

After making my soup, I couldn't resist getting my porky hands on some having some immediately (and burning my tongue). I had almost 2 cups for 250 calories and 4pts
 Right before heading in to meet with students, I had 1/2 a PB&J for 3pts and 160 calories.

After work, I headed straight to the gym. I have been having some issues getting there lately (treadmills out of order, massive amounts of snow, general lethargy), so instead of starting the intermediate plan for the 10k I'm running in April like I was supposed to, I started back on the beginner plan per this program. I did a mile and a half in 17 minutes (+2 activity pts and -150 calories). It was pretty easy, although I still loath the treadmill. I'll get back to my actual running plan when I get in the groove. It was my first day back exercising since 2 days after Christmas. Yikes!

Dinner was awesome...meaning it had french fries. I had home made baked french fries (1 potato) with a Spicy Black Bean Burger, a sprinkle of cheddar, romaine, and tomato on light toasted bread. 418 calories and 7pts total for dinner.

While killing off brain cells watching gossip girl, I had some cottage cheese 2pts and 100 calories.

 I did pretty well getting all of my food groups in today (see below). I met all the requirements except fruit! I'll have to work on that for tomorrow.

Multivitatmin: X
Dairy: XX
Fruit: 0
Veggies: XXXX
Fat/Oil: X
Protein: XXX
Water (12 oz servings): XXXXXXXXX

Points: 19/23
Calories: 1,208
Weekly Allowance Points: 0 used / 35 weekly left
Weekly Activity Points: 2 today / 2 week
Exercise: 1.5 mile run ~150 calories
Water: 108 oz. woohoo!!
Weekly Weight Loss: +2.2 lbs / 37.4 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. Looks like you are back on track and doing wonderfully! I got your package! Thanks so much for the calculator I really appreciate it. Your address was all smeared but when you get a chance could you send it to me please I have a little Valentine's gift for you!


  2. Yay for the teal nail polish! I have that one and it's my favorite! You must post or send me a picture of the polish on you! It's gorg!



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