Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Salad Week Day 6

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! Mine was enjoyable, but sleepy! Hopefully, I'll get some time to catch up on rest soon. For breakfast, I had apple slices with yogurt dip for 2pts.
90 Calories, 1pt+

Lunch was my traditional salad- Santa Fe Style Salad with Chicken from Kroger for 5pts.

240 calories, 6.7pts+
 I snacked on some veggies later at work I snacked on some veggies with ranch 1pt. By the way, I am still sore from running Monday!
90 calories, 1pts+
For dinner, we went out for a friend's birthday to Mono Loco. It was Taco Night! I got the Ranchero taco- roasted chicken with egg, and a mushroom taco. Both were amazing, I didn't eat all of the tortillas. My guess for the tacos and chips with salsa I had is 10pts and the beer was 15pts. We stopped by mellow for a beer after Loco and got our 1st growler

Tuesday Stats:
Water: 65 oz. / 80 oz.
Calories: 1,800? 
Points:  33 / 22
Weekly Points: 13 used today / 22 remaining
Exercise: still sore from Monday
Activity Points: 0 today / 2 week
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.2 lbs / 38.8 lbs total

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