Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back in my Running Shoes Fri W30

TGIF was an understatement this week. Working 10 hr days was wearing on me and I still felt brain dead in the morning when I woke up. I didn't even hear Matt's alarm! I rolled out of bed at 8:20 and had to be at work with a smile at 9. Got in at 9 on the dot with granola bar in hand. 2pts for breakfast.

I had a busy day for the most part at work- just the way I like it. I didn't snag a minute for lunch until well after 2:30. I had pb&j made (with love as usual) by Matt for 4pts and a granola bar 2pts. [The 4 pt sandwich is because we use low cal bread, 1 Tbsp of pb, 1 tsp jam.]

When I finally left work, I was determined to go running and not to let my tiredness and grumpiness get in the way. I wasn't quite in an outdoor running mood so I decided the gym would do for the day. I started at a pace that at first felt comfortable 6mph but quickly kicked my ass..I'm still a slow poke apparently. I was really frustrated at the amount of my endurance I've lost since I went on vacation and stopped running regularly. I was hoping to jump back in and be in my happy place. Nope- it was an angry run where I wanted to stop after every step. I stayed and made myself do a little extra on the cross trainer before leaving +5 activity pts.
Wanting to leave the gym
Cait came over to get some laundry (still getting settled in a new apt) done and it was nice to have her although it seemed both of us were recovering from our crazy weeks. It's nice to have friends you can just be sleepy around and not have it be a big deal. She ran to Jimmy John's with me to pick up dinner while waiting on her laundry. I had a turkey tom (no sprouts, add provolone, ~600 calories) 13pts. I know its a lot, but I didn't want to cook and Matt was craving taco bell. Just fyi 3 soft tacos = 12 pts. They are 210 calories each. About the same as what I had, but I figured the sandwich would keep me full all night.

I snacked on a few tortilla chips too 1pt.

Points: 22/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 17/35
Exercise: Running/Cross Trainer 30 mins
Weekly Activity Points: 5/5Weekly Weight Loss: Missed my meeting because we worked a little late Monday!

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. I couldn't make a comment on the last post for some reason but can you tell me which Salsa you recommend for the salad? Brand? Thanks

  2. I think its like spicy joe or something. I use fresh salsa made at Kroger or Teeter.


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