Friday, August 20, 2010

CUPCAKES! Thursday W30

Peach for breakfast 1pt. It was AMAZING. I love peaches in the summer. I love most all fruit in the summer.

After my peach, I got a real treat. One of our students at LearningRx works at a cupcake bakery and brought us cupcakes she made herself. They were so adorable! Mine was 5pts.
All of the cute cupcakes she brought!
My cupcake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing, fondant hearts, and EDIBLE GLITTER! Adorable and delicious!
Did I mention I love my job? I love it without the cute culinary treats, but they're an added bonus. I didn't eat lunch until almost 3 since I was on a sugar high. I had a smart ones, of course 4pts.

I ended up having to work suuper late. I didn't go home until 7! :( Not expecting that. Matt and I were both exhausted. I had to cancel running plans with Cait, which I was pretty upset about. We had shells and cheese for dinner 7pts.

I had some chips and cheese dip as a snack later. No picutre- too ashamed, but fessing up now. 8pts.

Points: 25/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 17/35
Exercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: Missed my meeting because we worked a little late Monday!

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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