Thursday, August 19, 2010

No more Aerogels! Wed W30

Hello everyone! Today marks a very important landmark in my school career- I FINISHED RESEARCH IN THE AEROGEL LAB! My project is over- terminada! If you know me at all- you probably also know what a relief it is never to have to go back to that lab again. I was never really fond of my 2 year research project. Overall- glad its over, but glad I did it.

I had a pretty large golden delicious apple for 2pts for breakfast.

I worked in the aerogel lab during the day making the last few samples for my project. I took a break to eat with CJ. She and Nathan just got back from their honeymoon to the UK! I had a Smart Ones Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans for 6pts.

The adorableness that is them on their wedding day!
After lunch- back to lab. I finished around 5:30! Hooray! Matt and I went out of a celebratory dinner at Trinity for $3 Burger night. We split cheese fries (also $3), but didn't even make a dent in them 2pts. I got a burger with avocado and cheese 7pts. I had some celebration beer (of course) 6pts. After dinner with Matt, I met up with Cait for a drink at Boylan to catch up on our summers! Sooo much fun and $3 Firefly was unbeatable. Another 12pts.

Points: 35/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 19/35
Exercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: Missed my meeting because we worked a little late Monday!

Hope to see less of each other next time!


Love to hear from you guys!